Founded in October 2018, I Follow Happiness is an unincorporated association based in the UK. I Follow Happiness believes in the power of sharing experiences and our mission is to bring out to the world stories of courage, strength and resilience to inspire positive change and lower prejudice.

People move from country to country for many reasons. It can be to escape from a dangerous situation, to find a job, to follow love, to gain international experience or to be immersed into new cultures. The reasons are infinite, but they all have in common one thing: hope for a better life which translates into courage to follow happiness.

I Follow Happiness was founded by a 26 years old Albanian-Italian living in London: “There are two important reasons why I Follow Happiness has come to life. First, we are not numbers, we are humans. Every day there are people who leave their country taking with them nothing but all the hope and the strength they have to follow an uncertain and totally unknown future. Their voices need to be heard and their unique stories need to be listened to lower prejudice in our society. Second, I believe in the power of sharing experiences. As my grandparents were forced to leave their home and I proudly am a kid of Albanian immigrants, you can imagine that I grew up listening to stories of people who have moved from country to country with the hope of a better life. These stories have inspired me through the years and made me understand that with courage, strength and resilience, it is possible to overcome obstacles and challenges. I am convinced that listening to someone’s positive life experience can inspire other people and give them the strength to keep going and make a positive change in their life.”

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