The courage to start a new but uncertain life

I have four children: two are born in our home country and two in England. Before coming to England, I was living in a village in a very small country. We did not have much to make sure our children had food every day, so my husband decided to come to England. He had a cousin who was living in England at that time who was able to help him cross the borders and come to England.

After few months in England, my husband found a job in a factory and he was able to send us money to allow us to eat every day and to make sure our children were going to school and had clothes to wear.

After four years without seeing my husband and my children not seeing their dad, we decided that it was time for me and the kids to leave our country and come to England. I had to find all the courage and strength I had. We found some people who guaranteed to take us to England.

We traveled in a van. I was scared something bad would have happened. But when you decide to put your children in a van to cross the borders, that means that the life you leave behind is not the life you want your children to have. And in that van you also put all your hope. So, what you have to do is to take all the courage you have and try to stay strong and to make sure your children do not see you worried, but always positive. We were lucky. We were able to cross the borders and my children were finally able to see their dad after years.

Now, after few years passed, my children have learned English and they go to school and I am happy to see how they are developing every day. Seeing them growing up happy is a blessing.

We are trying to have our permanent permit to stay in England. I have faith we will be able to make it through all the difficulties. I am sure about this. I take this positive energy from the every day smiles of my four children.