We are free to decide where “home” is for us

Hello there! 🙂

I am a 23 years old living in the UK. Before I start sharing my story with you all, I would like to say that sometimes it is not easy to speak about migration and how it feels to be considered a stranger in a new country. Many people out there are probably afraid of the unknown and they do not trust people who have not the same culture or the same habits as they do.

I decided to share my story on I follow happiness because I think it can help lower the prejudices and in an ideal world make people understand that behind every single humankind there is a story that is it worth listening to. Sometimes, an migrant is seen as a stranger or different. But we need to remember that we are all humans.

When I introduce myself to someone I usually say: “I was born in Albania, BUT I have lived in Italy for 17 years. I moved to Italy when I was 3 years old”. You are probably thinking why I have used the word “but”. I have always had a very good memory, I always remember everything such as dates, birthdays, events and even facts that people probably have forgotten about themselves. However, I do not remember anything about my life in Albania, probably because when I moved I was only a child. This is why I consider Italy my only home even if sometimes I have been considered a stranger by the people there.

It is a strange feeling when you feel you belong to a place and you call it “home”, but people around you do not recognise you the right to be totally free to call “home” any place you like in this world.

Despite this, I loved the time I spent in Italy. However, after many years there, in 2014 my family moved to the UK. I was 19 years old. I felt like I was moving far away from where my happiness was, away from my Italy, my safe place, my home. But little by little, you grow up and little by little, I I learnt to love differences in cultures and I started to appreciate my life in the UK. I started University here and this country made me understand what I want to do in the future. I have now just started my Master’s Degree and I am thrilled to see what the future brings me.